“Honda Library”owned by the Theatre Museum
Outline of the Database
“Honda Library” is a list of the whole books amassed by Yasuji Honda, Ph.D (1906-2001), a leading scholar in the field of folkloristic graduated from Waseda University. Honda’s family, after his death, offered to donate his all books to the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum. They contain his own notes, Japanese books about folkloristic, other kinds of Japanese books, Western books, classic books, videos, audio materials, etc. As for the Japanese books, although they can also be searched for on WINE, we have digitized and made them available for public viewing based on the accessions catalogue (except for duplicate ones) in order to fully keep track of his books and other materials. Of those which can be found on WINE, we have made it easier to access them by linking the title with WINE. However, please note that the purpose of this database is to introduce Honda’s books and other materials to the user, but not to make searches easier for public viewing.
Explanatory Notes and Browsing Method
○This database is a list of books and audiovisual materials.
 ・Click “No” button on the list screen for detailed information of the data.
 ・When a link is attached with the title on the list screen or the detailed information screen, you can see the search result page of the title on WINE by clicking the title.
 ・When a link is attached with the call number on the list screen or the detailed information screen, you can see the result page of the call number on Digital Archives Collection.

○Items available for lending:
 ・Books: limited to those that are registered in WINE.
 ・Audiovisual materials: limited to the ones that are registered in Digital Archives Collection.

○For more information concerning browsing method and shelving location of each item, see the category listed below.
 ・Rare Books
 ・Japanese Books
 ・Western Books
 ・Chinese Books
 ・Korean Books

Update History
 Apr 27, 2012 Test released.