The Database of Ryoyu-Gaho **TEST**
General Overview of the Database
This database consists of the tables of contents of the articles about the theatrical performances and movies published in "Ryoyu-Gaho" (Ryoyu-Insatsu-Koushi 1926-1945), a magazine published during the period of the Republic of China. Since its first publication in 1926, "Ryoyu-Gaho" was published until 1945, with some interruptions. It was a magazine that introduced the then cutting-edge culture, art, and sport, and that contained not only various information of theatrical performances and movies in China, but also that of Hollywood as well as Japanese theatrical performances and movies.
"Ryoyu-Gaho" was compiled in 2000 by Naoko Suzuki, the author of the catalog of theatrical performances and movies, when she was still a member of Masaki Miyao's research seminar in Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences at Ochanomizu University. She made some modifications to it later on, and made it available for not only researchers but also the general public to access for academic purposes.
Please note that this catalog is based on the facsimile edition that was published by Commercial Press Taiwan in 1990. Ryoyu-Gaho is owned and maintained by Waseda University Library.
Explanatory Notes
・Genre: theatrical performances (Wageki, Peking opera, and others) and movies
・Kinds of articles: pictures, articles, advertisements
・Published year, month, and date: published year, month, and date of the magazine
・Issue Number: issue number of the magazine
・Page Number: page number of the magazine
・Author: The names of authors are displayed, in principle, as appeared in the contents of the original articles.
・Title: the title of the article
・Notes: Notes to the article
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